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The Parkland region proudly boasts an excellent choice of trout lakes and is recognized as one of Canada's best areas for still water fly-fishing.
Catches of brown and rainbow trout measuring up to 30 inches are not uncommon.

Parkland Fly Fishing

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Choice Canadian Destination
Fishing on Parkland Manitoba trout fisheries is open all year round and ranks among the choice Canadian destinations for fly fishing trout in May, June, Sept and October. Parkland trout fisheries are well established and well known throughout the fly fishing industry as trout fisheries that produce results worthy of the trip. Multiple trout catches measuring over 20 inches in a day is very common and consitently happens thanks to the vast majority of fly fishers who practice important catch and release skills.

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Trophy Trout Records
Okay, I get it. We have high numbers of recorded trophy trout catches because people are reporting them...but big fish don't catch themselves, and of all the places in North America, people consistently choose the Parkland of Manitoba. Many travel over 1,000 miles to get to the Parkland where our high-fat food supply and cool waters provide an abundance of very large trout!

Parkland Trout Trail

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Big Browns and Rainbows
Yes, it's true. People catch big Brown and Rainbow (and Splake, and Brook, and Tiger) trout in the Parkland. To give you an idea of what our trophy trout records look like today, the Manitoba Master Angler Awards Program has recorded a combined total of over 3000 Master Angler Trout (20 in.+) caught from our west Parkland fisheries since 2010; and 2015 produced 39% (874) of them!

West Goose Lake MAP
Rainbows and Browns
MB Master Angler Records
2016 2015 2014 2013

East Goose Lake MAP
Rainbows and Browns
MB Master Angler Records
2016 2015 2014 2013

Twin Lakes MAP
MB Master Angler Records
2016 2015 2014 2013

Persse Lake MAP
Brooks and Browns
MB Master Angler Records
2016 2015 2014 2013

NEW -Tees Lake MAP
Rainbows and Browns
200 18" Browns released 2016

Twin's Tiger Trout
A 28 inch Tiger Trout is the largest tiger catch recorded out of Twin Lakes. Lot's of 25 inchers and a healthy population of 23 inchers make Twin Lakes Manitoba's best Tiger Trout fishery. Twin Lakes is an easy place to hook a Master Angler Tiger Trout...catching one, well, that's why they call it fishing, and because they are an agressive fighter, the name Tiger Trout is suitable for more than just the beautiful designs and colouring found on their skin.

Parkland Trout Fisheries
The quality of a visitor's trout fishing experience is important to Roblin and the Parkland. Roblin actively invests in advancing Parkland fishery tourism infrastructures and does a great job in partnering with local and regional organizations such as the Bug Chucker Cup, Patch's Bait & Tackle, FLIPPR, and Manitoba Sustainable Development Fisheries Branch to ensure there is always quality stock for your visit.

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